The table shows you the five days of the week and all available meals. You can switch to another day/week by clicking on the arrows at the top. At the beginning all meals are grey, as soon as you book one it changes the color.

The meals are distributed into appetizers, side-dishes, main courses and desserts. To select a dish simply click on it. You can choose as many dishes as you want per day in any given combination. You can find all your chosen meals under the button "booked meals" in your profile.

Please note that the meals have to be booked 24h in advance, so we can plan and organize the meals and ingredients properly. We try hard not to produce any unnecessary waste and would hate to throw leftover food away.

If you want to learn about the ingredients or allergenes of the meals, just hover over the dish you are interested in.

We are a group of students who decided to take your meal time to the next level! Learn more about us here.

We try to offer a wide range of different foods for every taste. From light appetizers over hearty main plates to a sweet finish with our fine desserts, we promise there is a meal for every single taste-bud out there. And for those of you who like it special - just customize it!

Yes, of course! The vegan/vegetarian community is very important to us and we try to offer as many tasty options as possible! All the vegan/vegetarian meals are labeled in the daily meal-plan where you can also find the other allergens.

Knowing about the problems plastic can cause on our planet, all our packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials. You can also bring your own container for food and drinks.

We offer several different payment options, including PayPal, Sofort├╝berweisung or your Student-ID.

No, of course everyone can order our delicious meals! Just leave the Student-ID box empty during your registration on our site.

The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us! If you have any problems with your order or are unhappy with your meal, please contact us under the following email-address:
Of course we would be happy to receive any positive feedback as well!